Sunday, June 17, 2007

    Video Introduction to Docking Windows in MPLAB IDE 7.61

    I made short video to introduce users to the new docking-window system in Microchip's MPLAB IDE 7.61. Before playing with docking windows, be sure to create a Window Set with windows undocked so that you can quickly get back to the undocked state.

    Video: Intro to Docking Windows in MPLAB IDE 7.61


    Anonymous said...

    Why would anyone want to use docking windows?

    Jamie said...

    Because it makes the layout of one's development window much prettier.
    All information relavent to your project is available at a glance, without any need to muck about moving, closing or opening windows.

    Randomuser said...


    It is nice to see MPLab get some `advanced' features.

    One question... What was the music in the background of the preview movie? I have it stuck in my head now ;)

    Thanks for the preview, i'm going to give it a try.

    Jason Kajita said...

    The music is here.
    Have fun :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Jason,

    Great post, this has made my life a lot less chaotic in MPLAB.

    Can I ask you a somewhat unrelated question? Is there a way to have MPLAB clear the file registers in the simulator automatically when I rebuild a project?

    Jason Kajita said...

    I don't think that there's an automated way to clear all general-purpose file registers after a project build. You can always use the clear-memory function under the debugger menu. Of course if you are using C18, you might want to use the c018iz.o startup routine rather than the default routine.

    aether125i said...

    Thank you! Very useful.